Soulland Spring Summer 2013

Soulland's award winning SS13 collection is super duper dope! Offering stylish cuts, color combinations and graphics, the collection includes printed button-downs with matching shorts, graphic sweatshirts, tailored lightweight jackets and more. We adore this brand because it is high style and uniquely urban at the same time. Taste makers, Frank Ocean and Jay-Z have been has seen rockin’ pieces of this collection Soulland. Check out designs in our shop. Paris, based designer, Silas Adler discusses his inspiration for the collection in this video.

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DJ Dahi on Music & Style

Always rockin' a hat and a fresh pair of shoes, California based producer DJ Dahi maintains an effortless and understated style. He did the “Money Trees” track on Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid M.A.A.D City, one of the best albums of last year, and has been called upon for several other artist collaborations. No ordinary beat maker, Dahi has also played the saxophone, drums and other instruments for nearly twenty years—simply put, the dude is crazy talented.

SQ: What other producers have made an impact on you? “Dilla changed my life. When I was a freshman in college, I remember listening to a Tribe Call Quest album and thinkin' it was incredible. I heard different songs Dilla produced for Erykah Badu, Common and other tracks. I was like yo this dude is genius! His sound was simple, but it’s so complex. He was the greatest at finding the “pocket”. The “pocket” which basically means your rhythm. It’s a certain rhythm you create.”

SQ: Who in music is doing something remarkable? Kendrick Lamar. I had the pleasure of working with him on recently launched Good kid, M.A.A.D City. His messages are dope and relatable. School Boy Q, Ab Soul, and the whole crew are dope. I’ve also worked with Dom Kennedy and Pac Div. West coast is doin’ it big right now.

SQ: Who is in your iPod that we would be surprised to find? Dahi: “Active Child, retro 80’s type sound. Beirut. Love the instrumentation; the feeling is really dope. Radiohead, Santigold, SBTRKT and Grizzly Bear. It’s funny because I don’t have to listen to hip-hop for inspiration to make hip-hop. I listen to other things that I can incorporate into hip-hop and make it unique.”

SQ: Describe your personal style. Dahi: “I’ll always rock a watch and I’m also a shoe person. Love shoes but been tryin’ to cut back on crazy shoe spending. Typically I’ll throw on a classic button down with some dope denim or khakis. I’m not flashy. I definitely like lookin’ good, but not to stand out. I keep it incognito. But people still see I know what’s poppin’ on the style front.”

SQ: Fashion item you rarely leave house without? Dahi: “A hat. I wear a hat majority of the time. My hairline is good. Don’t get it twisted (laughter), I just like wearing hats.”

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Rockin' the Basic White Shirt

“What you wear has to say a lot about you,” says Erodney Davis. And he should know. Originally hailing from South Carolina, Davis spent 11 years in advertising before leaving the industry to focus on his passion. As a New York ad man, he learned the vital importance of an expert presentation, producing campaigns for world-class fashion houses like Tommy Hilfiger and Bottega Veneta. Davis now works as an agent in the beauty business. He runs model castings, photo shoot production, and he even dabbles in interior design for clients looking to bring style into every element of their home.

Davis graciously took some time out to talk to Sebastian Q about his must-haves, current favorites, and his overall fashion philosophy.

SQ: How would you describe your personal style? ED: I don’t have a need for office wear anymore, so I don’t buy a lot of work wear. I'm about comfort and effortless style. Some people believe that if you have style, you must spend hours getting dressed. But for me it takes 5 minutes. I love the idea of mixing high and low, like wearing Vans with All Saints. And I'm not a matchy-matchy kind of guy. You have to be willing to take risks.

SQ: Do you have any fashion staples? ED: A white V-neck or basic white shirt. That’s the base of any outfit. Something about crisp white feels fresh to me. And it's versatile: I can dress it up and make it look expensive or I wear it with sweats. It will work with any daytime or nighttime look. Even if I'm going to the opera, I can do a white V-neck with a tuxedo pant. It looks just as good as wearing Gucci head-to-toe.

SQ: What's a secret to great style? ED: Accessories. They make or break any outfit. I will spend more on an accessory than clothing. As long as the clothes are well-tailored, you can make it look as expensive as you want it to. I will sink money into a great bag or a great pair of frames.

SQ: How do you rotate items through your wardrobe? ED: When I find something I really love, I wear it nonstop for 6 months. There were some shades I had by Oliver Peoples, the Daddy Vs, which are those really cool ones Jay-Z has been rockin’ nowadays. I wore them until I got tired of seeing myself in them. When I'm excited about something, I will incorporate it into my look until I grow tired of it.

SQ: Any brands you're loving right now? ED: I’m wearing a scarf from a brand called Jay Kos that I found on the Lower East Side of NYC. Really cool little men's store. If Johnny Cash and Ralph Lauren had a son, he'd shop there.

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London Undercover: Umbrella Game Upgraded

A sturdy, stylish umbrella is a necessary addition to any wardrobe. Select an umbrella as if it were a watch, wallet or shoe. Grab something fun you can wear jeans or a suit. London Undercover bold prints offer a quick easy British swag upgrade. The navy pinstripe & 70's moquette classic commuter is a favorite and the YMC collaboration navajo print is killer.

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Boston Arts & Culture: F Javier Torres

Javier Torres knows a thing or two about how art and culture creates community. A senior program officer at The Boston Foundation, he's responsible for grant making and community organizing. "The arts are the greatest vehicle for us to express our culture," he says. "Great cities like Boston, New York, and Chicago all have such rich history and ever evolving cultures that are built through the integration of global cultures present through high levels of immigration." This commitment to culture also extends to his flair for personal style. A noted snappy dresser (he was named one of the 25 Most Stylish in The Boston Globe), Torres describes his look as "mostly classic with a touch of preppy. I like a good print or pop of color." Among the shops he swears by is Bobby from Boston for its vintage menswear and Salmagundi in Jamaica Plain. "They are locally owned in my neighborhood and they have a passion for outstanding hats and unique clothes and accessories," he says.

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Bar Veloce's Man of Detail

“I don’t step outside my front door without having a properly waxed mustache,” says vinyl collecting wine aficionado, Thomas Crowley. He’s spent the past 15 years working the New York restaurant and bar scene. Today, he manages the wine list for Bar Veloce in East Village and Chelsea. Crowley also manages wine lists for meticulous city venues such as Fig 19.

SQ: Have any style inspirations? “If I was going cite geographic inspirations they would be London, Rome, Italy, maybe Stockholm. A lot of what I like is from or inspired by very classic English tailoring. Specifically, I’m drawn to English styles from 1960s and 70s, but will also take a few hints from 1920s, 30s, and 40s and use them as I like. I’m an Italophile as well. I like Italian clothing, just as I love the food, automobiles and 1960s Italian cinema.”

SQ: What are the items you never leave home without? “Well if there’s a chance of rain, I won’t leave the house without my Wellies. Hunter Wellingtons, which are really en vogue right now. I’m on my third pair. Its important in my wardrobe because there’s nothing worse than wet socks. I also don’t feel comfortable without a watch and belt or braces; unless it’s a pair of pants that doesn’t require either. But typically, I’ll wear one or the other.”

SQ: Have any advice to those still trying to discover their style? “Wear what you like. Pay less attention to what’s popular and closer attention to what speaks to you, moves you or excites you. Make sure it fits well. Have it tailored. It’s rare that you’ll find something off the rack, new or vintage, that fits perfectly. If it's too big, don’t even bother wearing it.”

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Classics Inspired: Vanishing Elephant Autumn/Winter 2012

Once again this season, Vanishing Elephant is delivering a monochromatic color palate that fits well with most any wardrobe. This collection is handsome and understated chic. Vanishing Elephant is a Sydney based brand, and since being awarded Designer of the Year at the 2010 GQ Men of the Year Awards, it’s popularity has spread like wildfire.

Vanishing Elephant is designed by Felix Chan, Huw Bennett and Arran Russell. In 2008 the trio decided to join forces with the singular vision of creating a line committed to producing clothing of real quality, purpose and originality. Making their mark with a classic aesthetic, each collection heralds a return to gentlemanly style with an undeniable modern twist.

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Billykirk Makes All-American Leather Goods

Founded in 1999, Billykirk is a handmade leather goods brand inspired by vintage finds. Brothers Chris and Kirk Bray design great looking handmade bags, wallets, iPad sleeves, belts and more. Billykirk products are handmade in the USA by Amish leather artisans. Horween leathers are treated with natural oils, beeswax and vegetable based dyes to age with dignity. When it comes to designing stylish, long-lasting leather goods, Billykirk runs a master class. The brand is also stocked by Barney’s, ODIN, Bloomingdales, and Opening Ceremony.

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Fall/Winter Fashionisto LA - Adam Galla

A Cali based fashionisto who rarely leaves the house without a killer pair of shades, Adam Gallagher is building a reputation in the blogging world. Laid back charm and effortless style are definitely opening doors for this dude. As a young stylist he does color and texture well. (Galla’s Color Collection) During a recent trip the New York, Adam met up with Sebastian Q to talk shop.

SQ: How would you describe your personal style?

AG: “My style is really eclectic, it changes all the time. You only live once so why not try everything? Sometimes I wear hats, sometimes I go dandy…you know it just depends”

SQ: Are there any fashion rules you live by?

AG: “I will always and forever wear skinny pants. I’ll never ever wear baggy pants. Don’t even care if they come back in style. They just don’t look good on me. (Laughter) That’s definitely a solid rule in my book.”

SQ: What about statement pieces?

AG: “My Ray Bans are my go to glasses. That’s pretty much it. Skinny pants and Raybans”

Check out Adam's recent White Orchid video and some of his favorites at

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